M-Wire LED Lighting LED Floodlighting

The Brightest LED Floodlighting Available - Anywhere

We have an extensive range of LED floodlighting products designed to replace all current lighting sources in use from Halogen, Fluorescent and HPS through to Metal Halide.
We have three ranges available:

MWire FL Series

Our general purpose MWire series floodlights cater for all smaller scale floodlighting applications such as residential garden or driveway use through to commercial security lighting.

All models come with a full 2 year manufacturer backed warranty.

ALT Lodestar Series

The ALT Lodestar 92 and 145 models will replace all T5 Fluorescent high efficiency High Bay and Metal Halide fixtures from 250 watt to 400 watt and offer the highest lumen outputs available over any comparable rival product with exceptional build quality.

All models come with a full 3 year manufacturer backed warranty, complete with a numbered warranty card in the box.

MWire HB Series

Our Highest power range offers three different models of floodlights designed to replace traditional Metal Halide and T5 Fluorescent high efficiency sources from 500 watts through to an industry leading 1000 watts. They are professional grade LED lighting products and offer exceptional design flexibility, from multiple beam angle options through to low voltage, dimming and selectable mounting options, full photometric data and computer simulation LTS files are also available.

All models come with a full 5 year manufacturer backed warranty available for the LED chipset and a 10 year warranty for the exterior housing.