M-Wire LED Lighting New Products!

New Products

Extra Warm White 2200K Chipset from:

Join The LED Revolution!

Designed by CREE to meet the demand for a true LED replacement chipset capable of exactly matching the light colour of existing Incandescent and High Preassure Sodium sources and provide that warming light colour that we are all used to.

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We are pleased to announce that this new Chipset is now available across our complete product range from ALT, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

High CRI Chipsets from:

Two new chipsets designed by CREE and Osram to meet the demand for a High CRI LED Chip that can finally match the colour rendering capability of a Halogen lamp.

The Halogen lamp is excellent at showing the colours illuminated under it at there most vivid and lifelike, this is called
Colour Rendering, natural daylight has a CRI (colour rendering index) of 100 and a Halogen lamp has a CRI of 98, making it almost as good as daylight at representing colours.

Until now the highest CRI possible with an LED Chip was 80, the new Chipsets from CREE and Osram achieve >95 & 98 respectivly.

Available across the ALT Asteria V5 & V7 MR16 & MR11 replacement lamp ranges, perfect for applications that require exceptional light quality such as jewelry and clothing shop windows.

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CREE XP-G and on the Osram SSL150.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

IP68 PAR 30 from ALT

Designed to replace all current incandescent and Halogen PAR 30 lamps, the PAR 30 LED lamp from ALT delivers an industry 1st IP68 lamp rating and is available with a wide range of chipsets and beam angles.

Available soon on this webshop!

contact us in the meantime to discuss your requirements.