M-Wire LED Lighting What LED light colour do I need?

What light colour do I need?

Warm White , Neutral White or True White?

It is important to choose the right colour of LED light for the right application, unfurtunatly often people use the wrong colour in the wrong apllication.

For example; a True White candle lamp used in a residential lounge would not provide the correct relaxing atmosphere - a Very Warm White lamp would be the best option here.
We have detailed below a simple guide to help you choose the correct LED light colour for your requirements.

The light colour you see emitted from an LED lamp is available in 4 main colour ranges:

Very Warm White (VWW) 2700k

Warm White (WW) 3100k

  Neutral White (NW) 4100k

  True White (TW) 6500k

The (K) value is the technical term for the exact colour that you will see, this is measured on a colour scale as shown below.
We have included a comparison of the 4 LED colours against the most common forms of standard lighting curently in use to give you an idea of the comparable LED light colour you will require for your apllication.

Very Warm White
We reccomend this colour as a replacement for incandescent lamps and also Halogen lamps in applications that require a very warm and relaxing atmosphere such as restaraunts and public houses.

Warm White
We reccomend this for the majority of areas inside residential housing, this closely matches the light quality and colour of standard Halogen GU10/MR16 lighting.

Neutral White
We reccomend this for areas that require high visibility and concentration such as kitchen
workspaces, commercial premises and recreational areas.

True White
This colour is best used for outside lighting and floodlighting applications that require the highest clarity of light, we do not really reccomend this for use indoors as the colour can appear to blue in tone.

Below are some examples of different colour temperature LED lamps in different applications:

Warm White LED

Neutral White LED

   True White LED

Below is a great before & after comparison in a residential kitchen that used 9 x standard Halogen 50W lamps before and then replaced them with Neutral White 7W LED lamps:

50W GU10 Halogen

7W Neutral White LED