M-Wire LED Lighting What’s wrong with cheap LED products?

What's wrong with cheap LED products?

An LED Lamp Is Just An LED Lamp - Right?

With so many LED products available in the market it would seem that simply choosing the cheapest one would give you the best value for money, unfortunately that's simply not the case.

Conventional Wisdom

LED lighting has turned the conventional wisdom that we all had about light on its head, what was once a simple decision is now somewhat more complicated. The fact of the matter is this: first and foremost you are purchasing an LED lamp for one main reason, to save energy and reduce running costs, however there is one key element that most people simply assume; the lamp they are purchasing will actually replace the Halogen or Incandescent lamp that you bought it to.

By this we mean, the light colour, quality and light output will be the same and that it will actually fit into the same light fitting as before, this is where the quality of LED products varies dramatically from one supplier to another, there is a minimum price level at which once below, one or all of these 3 key elements is considerably reduced.

Light Quality and Light Output

We all take it for granted, you buy a new lamp you put it in the light socket, turn it on and everything you see illuminated by it looks natural, vivid, lifelike and is clearly visible.
The reason for this is that the lamp you just purchased (most likley a Halogen or Incandescent lamp) has whats known as a high
CRI and Lumen output - the ammount of light produced.

Halogen and Incandescent lamps are excellent at showing the colours illuminated under them at there most vivid and lifelike, this is called Colour Rendering.
Natural daylight has a CRI (colour rendering index) of 100 and a Halogen lamp has a CRI of 98, making it almost as good as daylight at representing colours.

The problem with the cheaper LED lamps is that their colour rendering can be very poor, making things look dull and flat, human skin tends to look greyed and lifeless, coupled with a low lumen output (lower light level) what you will have is a room illuminated to a lower light level and also a lower light quality which will be very noticable over time, especially if you frequently move between a room lit by the LED's and one lit by Halogen/Incandescent lamps.

Product Lifetime

Most LED websites and suppliers quote 30-50,000 hrs lifetime for their products, that's nearly 6 years if used for 24 hours per day 365 days per year but will only give a 1 or 2 year warranty, the reason? They cannot guarantee the lamp quality will be maintained after this time.

Chipset Brand

It doesn't matter which LED chip brand is in your lamp, if the heat is not removed effectively from the back of the chipset the light output and light quality will be poor and the lamp life-span considerably reduced. The key to high LED light output and light quality is the ability of the lamp construction to remove the heat from the LED chip board as fast as possible, this is called thermal efficiency.

Why ALT LED Lamps Are The Best Available   

The reason ALT LED lamps have the highest lumen outputs available is their ability to disipate the heat build up from the LED chipboard effectively, to do this they employ 100% stamped aluminium incorporated into the heat-sink design, this gives them their distinctive look.

All ALT lamps use branded CREE, OSRAM or BIDGELUX chipsets and offer colour rendering levels of 80 as standard with levels of 95+ also available, please see our New Products for more information.

ALT LED lamps produce the highest light output possible, and are guaranteed for 3 years, if you buy an ALT LED lamp you will only need to buy it once.

Low Quality LED Products: Case Study

Below is an example of a low quality un-certified LED product failing prematurley, we replaced this LED floodlight with an ALT Lodestar 72 Watt model, after the existing 100 Watt floodlight developed condensation behind the lens and suddenly went off after around 14 months use.


Un-branded and un-certified 100 Watt LED floodlight.


ALT Lodestar 72 Watt LED floodlight with a 3 year manufacturer backed warranty and multiple international certifications and patents.