M-Wire LED Lighting Which base type do I need

Which base type do I need?

Below are examples of the most common types of bases used on standard lamps:


GU10 50/35 Watt Halogen

MR16 (GX5.3)

MR16 50/35 Watt Halogen

MR11 20 Watt Halogen

E27 (Edison screw cap)

40/60 Watt incadescent

PAR 30/38

CFL (energy saving lamp)

R63 reflector

PAR 20 Halogen lamp

B22 (Bayonet cap)

40/60 Watt incandescent

CFL (energy saving lamp)

E14 (Edison screw cap)

20/40 Watt incandescent

Par 20 R2


CFL (energy saving lamp)