M-Wire LED Lighting Why buy from us?

Why buy from us?

Quality LED Products

With so many electrical wholsalers and online re-sellers making wild claims about LED, its difficult to know who to trust, thats were we come in.

We are not just an online weshop, we install LED Lighting on a regular basis through our companies
M-Wire Electrical and M-Wire LED Lighting, from high end residential housing installations requiring the fully dimmable and home control system compatile products to commercial office LED lighting, we have tried tested and installed all the products that we supply.

This puts us in a unique position to offer the best LED products currently available.


UK Distributors

We are UK distributors for ALT LED products, put simply ALT produce the brightest most technologically advanced LED lamps in the world, whilst many manufacturers now produce replacement LED lamps none of them can match the light output, light quality and thermal technology that is incorporated into an ALT product.

ALT currently manufacture the brightest MR16 replacement LED lamp currently available, the V7 Asteria, part of the Asteria range of MR16 LED lamps, capable of producing 780lm for True White and 580lm for Warm White.
The reason for this is simple, without adequate heat dissipation LED chips can become damaged over prolonged use, thus shortening the life expectancy of the lamp and reducing light output, no other LED manufacturer dares to drive their LED chips to the lumen output levels as high as ALT does because they cannot manage their heat dissipation in same efficient manner.

ALT have numerous international certification marks and patents and are
ANSI & Energy Star compliant and have also recieved the prestigous Red Dot Product Design Award in 2011.
There research, design and product development is second to none and are a world leader in the LED lighting revolution.

ALT Certification Marks:


All ALT LED products come with a full manufacturer backed 3 year warranty and include a numbered warranty card in the box.

Alongside our comprehensive product range from ALT we have our MWire series, this comprises of LED products that are hand picked from the best manufacturers, tried, tested and installed by ourselves.
We have an MWire series LED product available in most product catagories, and have a great range of general purpose LED floodlights and our HB3 floodlight is the only floodlight available that will replace a 1000 watt Metal Halide lamp



All MWire series products come with a full 2 or 3 year manufacturer backed product warranty.

Lighting Designers, Specifiers and Architects

ALT provide full photometric, Lux and lumen data, their lamps are professional grade LED lighting products and they are ideal for use in commercial and retail lighting schemes, please see the Downloads section for available PDF downloads and for the full colour brochure and product specifications.



ALT Brochure (PDF)

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